Getting Started

Do you accept international buyers? is a worldwide wholesale marketplace.  All you need is a valid seller’s permit, tax ID certificate, or business license to shop at However, some vendors do not ship internationally, or they charge a higher shipping rate. You’ll need to check each vendor’s policies.

How do I become a vendor selling on

The first step is to submit an application. You’ll need your Seller’s Permit, EIN Form, Business License or Corporation Article, and DBA Fictitious Name Document (if applicable) to apply. You may be charged a registration fee upon your application review. Our support staff will contact you with detailed information about the registration.

How do I register to start buying? is open to retailers who have a valid seller’s permit or business tax ID.  You may register from the registration page, enter your information to create an account. After you register, you’ll receive an email to verify your email address. You may only start shopping after you verify your email address.  There is no […]

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