What is the ordering process?

First, select your items from the vendor(s) on Orangeshine.com. After you’ve made all of your selections, go to your shopping cart to check out. The vendor(s) will charge your selected payment method (plus applicable shipping fees) when the items are ready to ship to you. Once the payment is complete, the vendor(s) will ship the […]

I placed an order, but the order status is ‘Hold for review.’ What does that mean?

A status of ‘Hold for review’ means that the payment method’s billing address information is not matching the shipping address information, and our site has no successful transaction history for the selected payment method.  You’ll receive an email to submit the required document(s) to verify the payment method. Additional information may also be required during […]

How do I cancel or change my order?

Simple! To cancel or modify your order, message us through our website’s chat feature or call 213-745-3001 within 24 hours of placing the order.  We’ll notify the vendor of your request. Please note that if the vendor has already processed the order, we may not be able to modify it.

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